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Marketing Strategy and Consulting.

Helping you to achieve your marketing goals.

For any sized business, it is important to be able to distill the business goals, market segments or opportunities, along with the competitive landscape into a solid marketing strategy, with buy-in from all stakeholders.

The first critical step in any revenue-driven or brand marketing plan is to define the strategy.  The marketing strategy should be flexible, changeable as time moves on, and should not result in a 50-page document.  It should also be relevant to your business, and not something plucked from a search engine.

RevM can help you achieve this, either through advisory services to the Marketing leader, or as a specific deliverable where we join your in-house teams, taking the hassle from you, delivering you a full marketing strategy approach document, specific to your business.

In this piece of comprehensive work, we create a solid strategy plan which includes, what are the business goals, who is the target audience, what are the specific Marketing objectives, and how are the product, service or brand positioned and messaged?

These are the core strategic elements needed before proceeding with tactical decisions. 


Make marketing which people love.  By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. Now that’s marketing people can love.

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