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Grow your business with Inbound Marketing.

Attracting customers through helpful content and interactions.

Cutting through the noise online to reach your buyers and influencers for your products and services can be an insurmountable challenge in today’s fragmented digital and always-on world, where you now have to earn the attention of your buying audience. 

Audience habits have changed across many industries, where the once famous ads and pop ups reigned on screen, they no longer cut it, because they are interruptive and not relevant to the buyer.  So how do you catch the attention of your buyer, and why should they read your content? 

We hope to answer this question for you, and provide you with a framework for moving to the new era of online marketing, which uses the latest proven techniques and technology.  The fusing of technology and your marketing content enables you to create a highly personalised and predictive approach which will:

  • Attract more buyers to your website based on their online search behaviours.
  • Convert those website visits in qualified marketing leads through interactions with your buyer by giving them great content aimed at positioning your business in their mind.
  • Influence those buyers so much that they start talking to your sales team.
  • Continue to guide them with helpful content, which helps your sales team turn the leads into deals and happy customers.

... and it doesn't stop there, you need to track your funnel and customer behaviour in one place through the entire sales and marketing process.

This approach generates more sales and achieves better-qualified leads, based on interest levels and predictive scoring. 

When adopting this inbound marketing approach, you benefit from new levels of collaboration, creating a holistic approach to sales and marketing, fusing them together by leveraging shared and real-time data to drive intelligent sales decisions, based on the likelihood to buy. 

Combining data driven and content marketing approaches drastically improves effectiveness, but it also reduces the cost of sales.  Moreover, with proven ROI based on companies who have adopted inbound,  can you afford not to be adopting an inbound approach to your B2B marketing?

Knowing and understanding the traits of your buying audience and creating targeted content for them is the first step


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Serving your buying audience with content which is fresh, insightful, and relevant for them to do their job, and which helps them achieve their business goals resulting in revenue growth, is seen as a less interruptive way of marketing. 

By showing your buyers that you understand their problems and how to solve them, you build credibility. If you continue helping your customers through inbound marketing approaches they will continue to help you grow your business. It's all about trust, and it really is that simple. 

With this in mind, your buyers are more likely to view your brand in a positive light, and you will ultimately attract them into your buying funnel of Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. 



Make marketing which people love - by publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive


Inbound Marketing Buyers Journey


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When it comes to marketing, performing better than your competitors is surely on your radar. You must be thinking about ways to attract more following and business revenue than your competition, by using the inbound marketing approach you can beat your competition. Understanding what strings you need to pull to crush your competition is key, from increasing your visibility on the web to converting traffic into leads, and into customers, at a higher rate, without the need for increased marketing budgets.

Here at RevM, we have the expertise to help you develop your vision, and implement your Inbound Marketing Strategy which includes your brand positioning, target audience persona development, content strategy, along with your online ads and search engine presence, through organic SEO and PPC.  


With marketing at the centre of most B2B business growth, it is no wonder that lead generation is a top priority for most marketers. Only 1 in 10 marketers say their lead generation efforts are highly efficient and effective. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) implications for inbound marketing means lead generation will only get tougher, with more stringent regulations when reaching out to and retaining consumers. 

Whether your lead generation is through a series of email campaigns which leverage strong call-to-actions, landing pages and valuable content offers, or through the automation of precisely targeted ads, search engine optimisation, and social media. One thing is key, everything from the email, landing page and call-to-action visual designs, through to the content offer itself, needs to be targeted across every touchpoint that your prospect has with your company. 

Having visually appealing content, distributed in the right place, at the right time, will ensure that you drive a higher conversion rate (CRO), which leads to better quality leads for sales.


As a new breed of marketers, we are scientists and data junkies, and our passion is to drive revenue growth through marketing effectiveness.  While relevant and contextual content marketing forms the basis of effective marketing campaigns, it is smart marketing technology which is now the enabling force behind this new breed of data-driven marketers, helping them to push the limits and break new growth boundaries. 

Our team have real world expertise across many industries in developing and implementing Marketing and CRM automation technology.  By serving tailored content, in the right place, at the right time enables you to improve lead and client nurturing.  Using automation and CRM correctly will enable you to leverage real-time lead intelligence, to understand what content the buyer has engaged with, so that you can make more informed sales decisions, by focusing on those prospects with the most likelihood and propensity.