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We've had our hands on HubSpot since 2012

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that helps you attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers through marketing and sales automation processes. This enables you to efficiently track and manage all inbound marketing and sales activity in one place whilst generating more leads and sales through your website.

Today, over 37,000 customers in more than 90 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers.  

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Why the need for HubSpot management?

Today’s buyers are tuning out traditional marketing and sales tactics that are impersonal and interruptive. Instead, they seek value before purchasing and avoid any form of engagement with a business until they are ready to purchase. That’s why it’s important to deliver content that helps your prospects to overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

To create a marketing and sales methodology that actually works, alignment across all marketing and sales channels is key to a consistent and successful approach. Having a clear set of methods and channels to attract, track, manage, qualify and nurture your leads is essential. With this insight, you are able to identify how best to engage with your prospects, depending on what stage they are at in the buyer's journey. This ensures your prospects are continually served the most relevant and helpful content to help them overcome their challenges and reach their goals. The more times you help your prospect, the further you push them along in the buyer's journey, from attract to advocacy.

HubSpot optimisation enables you to tie your marketing efforts to lead generation and sales through it’s comprehensive and intuitive tracking and reporting tools. Benchmarks such as monthly recurring revenues, sales, customer retention, software engagement and actual inbound marketing success can be tied directly to marketing efforts and spend.

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Our journey to becoming HubSpot Heroes!

HubSpot is an extremely powerful tool, but only in the right hands.  Without enough of the right people with the right skills to manage it, you won't get the results you hoped for. So, we're glad you found us because we are the HubSpot management experts!

Building upon years of HubSpot skills and experience, RevM became a Platinum HubSpot Partner in less than a year of joining the HubSpot Partner Programme.  This is an incredible success story and demonstrates the number of businesses who have placed their trust in us to deliver critical growth services. Within this short time, we have helped numerous businesses across four continents attract the right visitors, convert high-quality leads and close customers using inbound marketing. Working in both fast-paced operational sales and marketing environments and as agency inbound consultants, we have transformed businesses helping them to make more informed sales decisions and deliver campaigns that generate revenue, time and time again.

Just like today’s buyer we are constantly evolving. As they evolve, the inbound marketing methodology becomes more fluid. Its foundation remains the same, but new ideas and strategies are introduced. In much the same way, as we continue to attract, convert, close and delight the customers of our clients, we grow as a business. As we grow, you grow. 

How can we help you with HubSpot setup?

Adopting new technologies can feel overwhelming, especially when your business continuity is at stake. Our team of HubSpot management experts can make the process feel seamless. We'll guide you through the HubSpot setup process and provide all the necessary training you need to take advantage of the marketing and sales power at your fingertips. 

Our HubSpot Platinum Tier Certification gives us access to a plethora of insights and tools, including a whole range of programs, apps and services to help your business accelerate success through inbound marketing. Each member of our team gains exclusive access to HubSpot’s annual Inbound Conference in Boston. There we gain valuable insight into the latest industry trends, inbound marketing tools, and techniques that enable us to deliver unparalleled service to our customers. 

Our proven success demonstrates our ability to help your business construct a marketing and sales programme that will generate you leads, increase the profile of your business and will deliver exceptional revenue growth.

FREE HubSpot Portal Audit

When your sales and marketing teams share contact records, customer data, documents, dashboards, and pipelines in one place, it's easy to identify your warmest leads and then follow up with a relevant email or phone call. 

Understand your customers better than ever before by tracking them from first website visit to closed deal and beyond. 


HubSpot’s Marketing software is powerful alone, and even better with HubSpot Sales and CRM

Improve sales effectiveness

HubSpot Sales saves time at every stage of the funnel.

1 - Automate the tasks you hate
2 - Uncover more new leads in less time
3 - Get your emails opened and calls answered
4 - Land more meetings and close more deals
5 - Manage your pipeline with unparalleled insight

On its own, HubSpot Sales is a suite of productivity tools that live in your inbox.

Send personalized prospecting emails automatically, see when leads open emails and attachments, create email templates and measure their performance, and schedule meetings with ease.

Use HubSpot Sales with free CRM to get deeper insights and to automate sales activity logging. Every lead and interaction is tracked automatically on a timeline, and you can place and record calls in-app. Enjoy unlimited users, data, and up to 1,000,000 contacts free for an unlimited time.

Attract more visitors to your website

Attract more targeted traffic to your pages by creating more of the content your ideal prospects crave, and then make it impossible for them to miss it.

Design your own responsive website without any coding. Speed up web design even further by choosing from thousands of customizable templates that are proven to convert. 

Then give your prospects a reason to visit. With HubSpot’s keywords tool, you can attract more visitors by building your content strategy around key phrases your customers are searching for. And to keep them reading until the end, choose a blog post blueprint that optimizes readability with a single click.

Get your content seen with as-you-type SEO advice that helps you rank. Then share your content across social networks to reach the right people at the right time across all channels.

Convert more leads into opportunities

Convert more visitors into qualified leads by using landing pages to get more of your website visitors to opt into email lists, webinars, free trials, demos, and more.

Launch your landing pages in less time by choosing from a library of built-in templates that are proven to convert, or create your own without a web developer. Give conversions an added boost with smart content modules that tailor your message or offer to each visitor.

Then, with a single click, add a sign-up form your prospects won’t hate filling out, and watch completion rates skyrocket when your forms avoid asking redundant questions.

Finally, see how great your page will look across devices, hit publish, and use incoming data to boost conversion rates even further. 

Close more opportunities into customers

Close more deals with less effort, increase sales by giving each lead the personal attention they need at scale.

When a lead subscribes to your email list, follow up with relevant drip email campaigns to help them take the next step. Draft these on-brand emails one time without a designer, and deliver them automatically.

Get even more personal by letting each lead follow their own path to purchase. Use any interaction with your content to trigger the perfect follow up – whether that’s a particular email with a link to a sales page, a call from your sales team, or something else entirely.

For even more power, connect HubSpot Marketing with HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, and many other leading CRM solutions to automatically track each interaction, and then use this data to create segmented email lists.

Convert customers into loyal customers

Turn customers into excited advocates and promoters by continuing to deliver value post purchase.

With social monitoring tools, you can keep an eye on what customers are saying and continue the conversation. Whether it’s a rave review or a frustrated customer, you’ll be ready to respond.

Upsell and encourage customer referrals from your happiest customers, or help unhappy customers turn the situation around by giving them the content and help they need to experience the value they paid for.

With marketing automation, tailoring your content and campaigns to increase referrals, upsells, and loyalty is not only possible – it’s simple.

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