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Our Story.

Transforming your business to drive growth.

A little bit about us ...

Founded by established and successful sales-driven B2B marketer, Carl Davies, RevM was created to resolve a key challenge faced by many business leaders; how do you reveal the value and contribution of your sales and marketing efforts? How do you make them more efficient and how do you align them together?

We're a boutique agency providing go-to advisory and hands-on service for senior leaders, sales teams and marketers wanting to revitalise their efforts and reveal their value.

Passion and creativity is at the heart of everything we do, we have a desire to help you succeed by transforming your sales and marketing approaches, to grow and develop your business.

Our core skills ...

Inbound Marketing & Campaigns


HubSpot Growth Stack - Marketing | Sales | CRM


Inbound Sales & Sales Enablement


Content for Sales & Marketing


Why we love what we do ...

With proven experience worldwide across the tech, comms and creative sectors, our team brings together many years commercial experience to help organisations develop new revenue-driven sales and marketing approaches, which are finely tuned, flexible to meet the needs of the business, and which take onboard the voice of the customer.  

This data-driven transformation completely aligns sales and marketing efforts.

As a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner, the team are focused on helping businesses drive growth, by improving sales effectiveness, attracting more visitors to their websites, converting more of those visits into leads, and then closing those leads into happy customers. 

Our strengths ...

With so much operational experience gained over many years, we don't just overlay new... we bring our experience to the forefront to deliver a transformational approach for our clients to drive revenue.

With so many technology, techniques and approaches available, choosing the right set can be a confusing place for many business owners.  When it comes to Digital Platforms, Advertising, CRM, Sales Tools and Marketing Automation technology we've got you covered.

The HubSpot Growth Stack is our solution of choice, however having worked with all the major players including, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Mailchimp, Insightly CRM, Act-on, Highrise, SugarCRM, Zoho, and many more, we can help you adopt, optimise and maximise any of these platforms.

Behind the brand ...

As a modern, dynamic CMO, Carl is a sales focused marketing professional, who has spent much of his career in big brand organisations as shown here. 

Technology driven and passionate about delivering improvements across the business through data-driven sales and marketing approaches, he has led significant marketing initiatives for many years, where sales alignment and enablement has been a critical part, he's always involved in our client strategies.

Carl's skills and strengths in marketing, sales, communications and content strategies have enabled both large and small businesses to grow revenue in fast-paced, global technology and creative markets. 

Chat to Carl ...

With bundles of enthusiasm and more than 25 years of commercial experience gained across multiple management role disciplines in sales, marketing, customer services, operations and IT, Carl is certainly a useful sounding board when it comes to sales and marketing.

Carl is no stranger to cutting edge tech and data-driven approaches, having led many marketing and strategic initiatives across complex technology portfolios. He has played key roles in technology businesses, from the launch of the UK’s first cable broadband services to some of the first mobile data value added services offered in continental Europe.

Recently as CMO, he transformed marketing and communications at virtual reality technology experts, Happy Finish (HF), putting marketing at the heart of the company to drive new revenue.  Previous to HF he served as Global Marketing Director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, where he led the repositioning programme of the Cyber & Fraud Detica business into BAE Systems and transformed the company’s digital marketing approach.

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